Papers in Evolutionary Economic Geography

June 18, 2011

# 11.09 The Labour Market Impact of the Run on Northern Rock: Continuity and Evolution in an old Industrial Region

Stuart Dawley and Neill Marshall and Andy Pike and Jane Pollard and John Tomaney


The Northern Rock mortgage bank was a high profile casualty of the credit crunch in 2007.  A longitudinal investigation focused on the redundancy and resettlement of employees at the bank provides a case study of the labour market impact of the banking crisis on the North East of England.  An evolutionary geographical political economy approach indicates that Northern Rock’s growth and decline was shaped by its location in an old industrial region, and echoes the historical position of the peripheral region in the spatial division of labour. The Northern Rock case highlights the enduring occupational structure of the region’s labour market, and suggests older industrial regions may suffer from a process of ‘occupational disadvantage’ that restricts their ability to adapt to economic change.


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