Papers in Evolutionary Economic Geography

March 12, 2014

# 14.08 The evolving dialogue between Innovation and Economic Geography. From physical distance to non-spatial proximities and ‘integrated’ frameworks

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Riccardo Crescenzi


This paper looks at the recent economic geography literature and sets out to explore the evolution of its intersections with innovation theories. The replacement of the linear model with more sophisticated conceptualisations of the process of innovation has made it possible to account for persistent disparities in innovative performance across space and has motivated researchers to incorporate the role of space and places in the analysis of innovation processes. From the physical-metrical approach of geography as distance, to the emphasis on specialisation and diversification patterns (geography as economic place), institutional-relational factors, non-spatial proximities and ‘integrated’ frameworks, economic geography theory has substantially evolved in terms of its contribution to the understanding of technological dynamics with significant implications for the rationale, design and implementation of innovation policies.


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